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Deliverance For Christians, Level 1 Class

One of our major areas of ministry is providing deliverance. Due to the high volume of Christians needing to go through this process (every Christian needs it), we ask that you attend one of our four-week deliverance classes which run periodically, prior to gaining counsel with one of our trained deliverance ministers.


Please email us at if you are interested in one of the below classes.

DELIVERANCE FOR CHRISTIANS LEVEL 1, Claiming Your Freedom In Christ - A Self-Guided Approach to Deliverance



DELIVERANCE FOR CHRISTIANS LEVEL 2, Tactics of Spiritual Warfare & Walking Out Your Freedom In Christ

  • Prophetic Dreams and Visions

  • Regions of Captivity: Recognizing and Releasing from Spiritual Captivity

  • Weapons of Our Warfare (Including some you never thought of as weapons)

  • More About the Spiritual Realm: Angels and Demons

  • How to Walk Out Your Freedom in Christ and Avoid Future Bondage

  • Personal Testimonies of Spiritual Warfare for the Family and City


DELIVERANCE FOR CHRISTIANS LEVEL 3, Awaken! Preparing For The Bridegroom

  • Understanding False Religions and How to Obtain Release From Them

  • Claiming Release and Freedom from Occult Practices

  • How the Anti-Christ Spirit is Manifesting in the World and Church Today

  • Awaken! Coming Into Alignment With God’s Plans and Purposes in the Last Days


DELIVERANCE FOR CHRISTIANS LEVEL 4, Learning How to Help Others Get Free!

  • Now You Do It!


DELIVERANCE FOR CHRISTIANS LEVEL 5, Helping Survivors of Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

This NEW class is to begin bringing those who have worked in a deliverance ministry for a season into a place of greater understanding of the higher level spiritual warfare and other tools needed to help survivors come to Freedom in Christ.

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